Solar Savings

We make solar energy extremely affordable.
6 Simple Steps To Enjoy Solar Savings

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We go first. We challenge norms and conventions. We work to stay lean, agile and able to recognize new opportunities. We find new approaches and new market opportunities. We embrace change and make it work for us.

We Analyse Your Power Bills And Work Out What You Need

We discuss your current energy situation and look through the fine-print of your energy supplier so we can work out how to easily switch you to solar

Our Experts Tailor Make A Solar Panel Plan For Your Property

We’ll give you a comprehensive blueprint which details the most appropriate layout of solar panels you’ll need to effectively and efficiently power your home

The Best Solar Panels With Your Roof For Maximum Savings

We’ll discuss the different brands of solar panels and work out which ones will suit your roof and make your investment back in the shortest possible time

You Give Us The Go Ahead And Make The Switch To Solar

Within 15 days of your initial session our installers will skilfully set your panels in place while you relax in the Aussie sun which will soon power your home

We Continue Working For You Even After We’ve Finished

We’ll put you in contact with our dedicated after sales team so you can sleep easy knowing the answers to any future questions are only a phone call away